Influence of Structural Parameters on Abrasion Resistance of Wool/Polyester Fabrics

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Abrasion resistance is one of the important properties of textile fabrics which affects their quality and durability. Higher abrasion resistance improves the usability and quality of fabrics. Fabrics with low abrasion resistance generally pill and show early fatigue. This study evaluates the effect of blended fibers percentage, weave type and yarn weft density of wool/polyester blended fabrics on the abrasion resistance. The fabrics were produced from four different blend proportions, three different weave type and three different weft density common in textile industry. The abrasion resistance of the fabrics was evaluated according to their mass loss ratio after four different cycles (5000, 7500, 10000, 15000) using the Martindale Abrasion testing device. The results indicated that a high degree of interlacing increases the abrasion resistance of the woven fabrics (i.e., the plain fabric had the highest abrasion resistance among all). The abrasion resistance of the fabrics increased proportionally by increasing the polyester fibers percentage in the blended fabrics.  


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